Evangeline Lewis: A smart kind-hearted woman

Evangeline Lewis, project coordinator with Telecon Enterprises’ Plexus division in Atlantic Canada, strives to achieve a perfect balance in her life. Between project management and volunteer work, she has found a path to professional and personal happiness.

Evangeline is unique. She enjoys implementing new procedures and redesigning processes that were once tedious and painful. She feels a real sense of joy when she sees that the initiatives she put in place are making progress and becoming essential to increasing our efficiency and productivity. She feels fortunate to have colleagues who are willing to try new work models, step in and help her when she needs support.

This outstanding coordinator enjoys exchanging with her clients and partners. Their feedback and positive comments about her work and Telecon’s services drive her to excel every day. She is proud to say that our customers greatly appreciate our ability to deliver a wide variety of services across Canada with a single point of contact, a great asset to many companies’ supply chains.

Evangeline prides herself on doing everything in her power to find innovative solutions for her clients. In her opinion, this is one of the greatest strengths of our company: “If we’re not experts, we know where to find them or we become experts ourselves with a strong commitment to deliver exceptional results”. It is through this type of collaboration that she has been able to build a large network and gain a lot of experience over the past few years.

Although passionate about her work, Evangeline gives a lot of her time to her community. Through her involvement with her church, she organizes events to raise funds for causes such as single mothers in need, homeless people and children living in poverty, and recently able to add a community playground for kids in the neighborhood.

We all want to thank Evangeline for her motivation and commitment to her work and community.

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